Best quotes wallpaper for mobile devices 2020

Likes 121 These are the 9 best quotes wallpaper for mobile you can find in 2020. These are a combination of motivational, funny, dark and legendary quotes mobile wallpapers. You’ll ask what more?? Well these are all HD phone backgrounds and will look really cool on those mobile devices of yours !!

garhwali language learning through a chat app – DAGADU review

Likes 283 Garhwali language and kumaoni language chat app – DAGADU detailed review (In Hindi & English)   Garhwali language and Kumaoni language are an integral part of our existence. But as you all know, that there are very few people left who still speak this language.UNESCO has also put our Garhwali and Kumaoni languages […]

joker wallpaper 4k for mobile download here | Ghantee

Likes 784 joker wallpaper 4k for mobile download here | Ghantee joker wallpaper 4k for mobile download only @ Download 4K SIZE: 2160×3840 The Joker is a negative character who appears in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 superhero film The Dark Knight, based upon the DC Comics supervillain of the same name. He was played by […]

wonder woman wallpaper 4k – Download now | Ghantee

Likes 344 wonder woman wallpaper 4k – gal gadot hd wallpaper Download wonder woman wallpaper 4k only @ Download 2160×3840 SIZE: 2160×3840 gal gadot hd wallpaper, 4K wallpaper for android and ios, wallpaper HD, wallpaper phone, wallpaper 2020, hd for mobile, No log-in or sign up required. Just Start downloading and thank us later […]

7 things to do when bored at home amid lockdown !!

Likes 178 7 things to do when bored at home amid lockdown As we all are hearing everywhere these are testing times. But if for a moment we pull ourselves out of the gloomy mood and try to look at the positives that can come out of it, we’ll see that its not that bad. […]

kumaoni language learn online – chapter 6

Likes 147 Hello All. Let’s learn some more daily-used kumaoni language sentences: ENGLISH HINDI KUMAONI Where have you been all this while ? तुम इतने दिन कहाँ थे ? तुम इतु दिन कां छ्या ? Give me your contact no. मुझे अपना फोन नंबर दो मैंके अपुण फोन नंबर दियौ When will you be free […]

learn kumaoni – some more word meanings

Likes 182 Let’s keep up with our tradition and learn some very simple kumaoni words today: HINDI KUMAONI हथियाना हथ‌्यौंण स्वीकारना मानण जान पहचान जान पच्याण ठीक भल दर्द पीड़ ढेर मस्त जिम्मेदारी जिमवारि निभाना निभौण सही में सच्ची कैसे हो कस छा उत्तरदाई जुम्मेवार बधाइ बधै हॅंसायेगी हसाली घाव घौ कारागार हौलाद more coming […]

Lets learn kumaoni – in hindi, english and hinglish !!

Likes 202 Kumaoni is a language spoken by over 2 million people of the of the state of  Uttarakhand in northern India. UNESCO’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger designates it as a language in the unsafe category, meaning it requires consistent conservation efforts. And therefore we have decided to promote it through our website as […]

family relations in kumaoni language – How are they pronounced ?

Likes 147 Today we wanted to shed some light on the major kumaoni words used in family relations. So here they are: ENGLISH HINDI KUMAONI Mother माता इजा Father पिता बाबू Younger sister छोटी बहन बैणी Elder sister बड़ी बहन दीदी Elder brother बड़ा भाई ठुल दाज्यू Younger brother छोटा भाई नान भौ Grandmother दादी […]

Learn kumaoni online – some word meanings

Likes 144 Let’s learn some very simple kumaoni words today: HINDI KUMAONI योग्य लैक ऊपर मल्ली पूर्ण पुर गाली गाइ पहुंच पौंच साथ दगौड़ आरोप इल्जाम अनुसार हिसाबल स्वीकार करना अपनौण कार्य काज अभिनेता नैक वास्तविक असल वयस्क ज्वान विज्ञापन परचार फायदा फैद more coming your way later. look out :D Learn More from Kumaoni […]

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