ashok sundari story


ashok sundari story

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The Amazing Story of Ashok Sundari: A Mythical Tale of Love

Alright, let’s dive into this cool story from Hindu mythology—Ashok Sundari’s tale. She’s not your everyday goddess, but her story is just as interesting. Ashok Sundari is like the hidden gem in the vast sea of myths. let’s learn more about her story.

The Birth of Ashok Sundari

Parvati’s desire for companionship led to the creation of Ashokasundari, who emerged from the wish-fulfilling tree Kalpavriksha. The components of her name hold significance in relation to her origin. “Ashoka” signifies the alleviation of Parvati’s “shoka” or sorrow, while “sundari” translates to “beautiful girl.”

Origins and outlines

The Padma Purana recounts the origin of Ashokasundari. According to the padma purana, Goddess Parvati, feeling lonely after her son Kartikeya left Kailash, asked Shiva to take her to the most beautiful garden. Shiva fulfilled her wish and brought her to Nandanvana, where she encountered the wish-fulfilling tree Kalpavriksha. Distressed by the absence of her grown-up son, Parvati sought companionship and requested a daughter from the magical tree. Ashokasundari was born as a result. Parvati predicted her marriage to Nahusha of the lunar dynasty, a figure comparable to the heavenly king, Indra.

In the absence of Indra, Nahusha was temporarily appointed as the regent of heaven.

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