About Us

NOTE: This is a dynamic page meaning it is updated from time to time. It contains some affiliate links as well. This means that if you click a link on this page and buy a product, We may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you !!).

Who we are:

Ghantee.com domain name was created on 05-08-2014 but the idea of designing HQ GOD wallpapers took shape in 2018. We noticed that there was a dearth of HD GOD wallpapers on the web. So we decided to do what we do. What started as a way to serve a small community has since become one of the largest library of original HD god wallpapers, all designed by Ghantee.com

What we do:

We design HQ GOD wallpapers for high definition mobile devices.

Products we use:

New Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip

Yes. That is right. With all the hype around it, we couldn’t resist buying one for ourselves as well. Its been more than 3 months with us and we’ve never regretted our decision. The reason for getting the latest MacBook Air was that it was very compact, had a great battery life and above all was lightning fast. Our MacBook is the 8 GB version. We also use our 8GB desktop with gigabyte motherboard.

XP-Pen Deco01 V2 Digital Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet

There are many good pen tabs available in the market right now, but this one stood out as a low range great product. Also it comes alongwith some small but very useful accessories as well. YOU CAN BUY IT FROM HERE

Where can you find us:

We are available on all the major social networks. But you can follow us on Pinterest to stay updated with all the latest happening on Ghantee.com