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Leo Di Caprio head sculpt from the movie “The Revenant”

Caprio played Hugh Glass in the movie and won an Oscar for it!

Leonardo DiCaprio is not just an outstanding actor. The Guy is a brand in himself. Today we’ve brought for you this amazing head sculpt of Caprio from the movie “The Revenant”. The sculpt features paintwork and hairs by Jacob Rahmier. Just check out the minute details he had done on this piece.
caprio head sculpt revenant
The guy is a beast when it comes to awesome paint jobs. You might wanna follow the guy after watching this. Don’t hesitate then. You can find his fb page HERE. Show the guy some love..
caprio head sculpt revenant
We pulled these images out of Mark Chuah. You might also wanna follow him… :D
caprio head sculpt revenant

Thirsty for more Inspirations? Visit our Art-Inspirations section.

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Best 2D animation movies you need to see before you die!!

Following is the list of the best 2D animation movies you’ll ever see.

If you have to make a list of the bestest best 2d animation movies ever, I bet you can’t make it better than this. I am compiling just the 7 best 2d animation movies, So I had to make some pretty tough decisions. Leaving out some of the classics like Howl’s moving castle and beauty and the beast. But this is the best I can come up with. This list contains every type of movie from love to hate, from sorrow to happiness, from family to friends and also from humans to robots… Read it out. I know you’ll love it. This might be the best list available on the internet coz its coming from one of the bestest 2d animation movie buff…. ;D

So without further ado, here’s the list for you:

The Tale of princess Kaguya : This movie is basically about the minor things in life we miss out. I know what you might be thinking. Such a serious topic in 2d? Well…. you don’t worry when it is directed by Isao takahata. The Guy is a genius. He is the only name in Japanese animation industry who can stand tall with Hayao Miyazaki (both being the founding members of Studio Ghibli)


Graveyard of the fireflies : Another feather in Studio Ghibli’s and Isao Takahata’s cap. This movie is again woven around a rather serious topic. It shows the struggle of a brother and sister in the aftermaths of the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A very touching movie. I bet you can’t stop your tears from rolling out at the end of the movie. And the thing with this movie is that it becomes more intense every time you watch it again..


The Iron Giant : The iron giant is a movie about the friendship of a kid with an alien robot. This was one of the first movies which showcased the earlier sparks of director Brad Bird. And you’d be astonished to know that the Voice of the robot was given by none other than our very own Vin Diesel.


Spirited Away : Spirited Away Japanese animated film written and directed by the great Hayao Miyazaki himself. It tells the story of a girl who, while moving to a new neighborhood, enters the spirit world. Soon after that her parents are transformed into pigs by a witch named Yubaba (Natsuki). The girl, Chihiro starts working in Yubaba’s bathhouse to find a way to free her parents and return to the human world.


The Lion king : This movie on the list must’ve been watched the most no. of times, I guess. This is a tale we grew up watching and admiring. Its the story of a lion cub, who faces all the atrocities in life to come up victorious and be crowned the king of the jungle. This movie is made of the stuff a typical hero movie is made of.


Ponyo : Ponyo is a very intriguing story which has the ingredients in it to amaze a child and a grown-up alike. The movie is about a very cute friendship-cum-love story that develops between a kid and a fish girl. There are no words to explain the feeling you’ll wind up with after watching the movie. You’ll feel like a kid all over again… trust me. Must Watch!!


My Neighbour Totoro : This again is a very cute work by the artists over at Japan’s anime powerhouse – Studio Ghibli. If you loved the movies on this list, you might’ve already figured out that most of them are by this studio. I am a huge fan of studio Ghibli and its 2d animation movies. Their works just can’t stop amazing you. Trust me on this one…. if you really love watching 2D animation, you gotta watch out all the movies by studio Ghibli.

UPDATE 2018:

Your Name : This is a complex love story about two individuals in two different timelines. Yup! somewhat like the interstellar.  But the story-telling  here isn’t slow like the interstellar. Infact it is very pacy. As the movie progresses you realise what an intelligent piece of writing and directing this movie incorporates. All I can say is that this movie is the kind of stuff that made me fall in love with japanese anime. Watch out !!

Very Honourable Mention:

Garden of Words : This is a half an hour short film which features in our list because of the ultra-realistic level of animation achieved in this one. Our words will not suffice you. You’ll have to watch out the movie to believe……. its that amazing!

You have to come back here again after watching these movies on the list and tell us how you liked them… Use the comments section below

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You’ll absolutely fall in love with these animated quit smoking ads

An innovative take on the age old topic of quitting smoking

You know there are a lot of guys who don’t quit smoking just because they never got convinced enough to do so. Well guess what? The folks over at MAKEVISUAL might have found a little success in doing so. These guys have created a series of ads that make use of the latest technologies in animation to create some heart wrenching ads for all you smokers out there.Watch these out and figure out for yourself whether or not you want to quit it NOW !!. Also I was so awestruck with the technology that went behind creating these ads that I am putting a small behind-the-scenes of these ads(below these 2 videos) . Hats of to these guys for achieving this level of detailing in merging animation with a live action footage.



AD – 01

AD – 02


GUESS what we found out for you guys… A behind the scenes video of the making of the above ads. Isn’t that fantastic !!. Here you go:


How did you like this article. Leave your comments below if you want to see more such articles in the future… :D


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Golu devta ki kahani (CHITAI GOLU DEV STORY- in Hindi & English)

golu devta ki kahani

Golu devta ki kahani

आप, हम और हम जैसे कई और लोग हैं जिनको Almora के निकट स्थित गोलू देवता के मंदिर मे समय व्यतीत करने का सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ है.
पहाड़ मे इस मंदिर और गोलू देवता के प्रति लोगों की बहुत आस्था है. इस कामना पूर्ति मंदिर मे आकर सिर्फ़ पहाड़ी लोगों को ही नही अपितु देश विदेश के लोगों को उनका मनचाहा वरदान मिला है. और शायद यही वजह है की इसकी प्रसिद्धि रोज़ बढ़ती ही जा रही है.

आप और हम जानते ही है की गोलू देवता को न्याय का देवता कहा जाता है. पर क्या आप जानते हैं की ऐसा क्यों है ?
आज हम आप सभी के लिए गोलू देवता की यही दिलचस्प कहानी लेके आए हैं:

कहा जाता है की कत्युरि वंश के राजा झल राय की सात रानियाँ थी. सातों रानियों मे से किसी की भी संतान नही थी. राजा इस बात से काफ़ी परेशान रहा करते थे. एक दिन वे जंगल मे शिकार करने के लिए गये हुए थे जहाँ उनकी मुलाक़ात रानी कलिंका से हुई(रानी कलिंका को देवी का एक अंश माना जाता है). राजा झल राय, रानी को देखकर मंत्रमुग्ध हो गये और उन्होने उनसे शादी कर ली.

कुछ समय बाद रानी गर्भवती हो गयीं. यह देख सातों रानियों को ईर्ष्या होने लगी. सभी रानियों ने दाई माँ के साथ मिलकर एक साजिश रची. जब रानी कलिंका ने बच्चे को जन्म दिया, तब उन्होंने बच्चे को हटा कर उसकी जगह एक सिल बट्‍टे का प्त्थर रख दिया. बच्चे को उन्होने एक टोकरे मे रख कर नदी मे बहा दिया.
वह बच्चा बहता हुआ मछुआरो के पास आ गया. उन्होंने उसे पाल पोसकर बड़ा किया. जब बालक आठ वर्ष का हुआ तो उसने उसने पिता से राजधानी चंपावत जाने की ज़िद की. पिता के यह पूछने पर की वह चंपावत कैसे जाएगा बालक ने कहा की आप मुझे बस एक घोड़ा दे दीजिए. पिता ने इसे मज़ाक समझकर उसे एक लकड़ी का घोड़ा लाकर दे दिया.
लेकिन बालक तो साक्षात भगवान ही थे. वो उसी घोड़े को लेकर चंपावत आ गये. वहाँ एक तालाब मे राजा की सात रानियाँ स्नान कर रही थी. बालक वहाँ अपने घोड़े को पानी पिलाने लगा. यह देख सारी रानियाँ उसपर हस्ने लगीं और बोलीं- "मूर्ख बालक लकड़ी का घोड़ा भी कभी पानी पीता है?". बालक ने तुरंत जवाब दिया की अगर रानी कलिंका एक पत्थर को जन्म दे सकतीं हैं तो क्या लकड़ी का घोड़ा पानी नही पी सकता... यह सुन सारी रानियाँ स्तब्ध रह गयीं. शीघ्र ही यह खबर पूरे राज्य में फैल गयी... राजा की खुशियाँ लौट आईं. उन्होने सातों रानियों को दंड दिया और नन्हे गोलू को राजा घोषित कर दिया.
तब से ही कुमायूँ मे उन्हे न्याय का देवता माना जाने लगा. धीरे धीरे उनके न्याय की ख़बरे सब जगह फैलने लगी. उनके जाने के बाद भी, जब भी किसी के साथ कोई अन्याय होता तो वह एक चिट्ठी लिखके उनके मंदिर मे टाँग देता और शीघ्र ही उन्हे न्याय मिल जाता. इसी लिए सिर्फ़ कुमायूँ मे ही नही बल्कि पूरे विश्व मे उन्हे कामना पूर्ति भी माना जाता है... :D


You, we and many more people like us have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of spending time in the CHITAI temple of God Golu located near Almora.

People of our region have a lot of faith in God Golu. The wish fulfillment temple isn't only famous with the hill people but it is also highly regarded abroad as well. People from around the world have got what they always desired by just visiting this temple (such are its magical powers). And perhaps that is why its popularity is growing daily.
You might already know that God Golu is called the god of justice. But do you know why?
We have brought his story for you on:

Katyuri dynasty king called Jhal Rai had seven queens but none of them was able to conceive a heir to the his throne. This very fact kept the king disturbed. One day when he had gone to hunt in the woods, he met the queen Kalinka (Queen Kalinka is considered a part of the Divine). King Jhal Rai was mesmerised by her beauty and her married her soon after.
After a while, the queen became pregnant. The other seven queens began to envy her. All queens conspired together with the midwife. When the child was born, the midwife replaced the child with piece of stone. She put the baby in a basket which the river washed away.
The child was found by some fishermen who nurtured him. When the child was eight years old, he asked his father that he wanted to visit the capital, Champawat. When the father asked him how he would reach Champawat, the child replied "you just give me a horse". The father took it as a joke and brought him a wooden horse.
But the boy was God himself. He took the horse and arrived at Champawat. There was a pond in Champawat where the king's seven queens were taking bath. The boy started watering his horse there. All the queens saw him and started laughing - "silly boy....Does a wooden horse ever drink water?". To this the child replied "If queen Klinka can give birth to a stone, why can't a wooden horse drink water !! They all were stunned to hear that. Soon the news spread across the state ... and the King's happiness returned. He punished the seven queens and declared little Golu the king of the state.
From then on Golu Dev came to be known as the god of justice. Slowly word about his righteousness started spreading everywhere. Even after his death, whenever there was any injustice to anyone, he'd write a letter and hang it in the temple. And justice was delivered to them by the almighty . That is the reason why this temple is considered a wish fulfillment temple.

There are three temples of Golu Dev, 2 at Almora and The main one at Champawat (Uttarakhand)

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You probably never knew these benefits of beer – animation video

Warning : Excessive beer drinking might cause health problems

Over the years beer has been criticized for a number of reasons (most of which are true). But it also carries some benefits (which are always overlooked). Now we at are not encouraging you to indulge in excessive drinking, BUT beer drinking might be beneficial to your health only if drunk in moderation. Well… as they say “excess of everything is bad”. Here is a cool video for you. Check it out guys and ask yourself …. should you be held guilty ??

CAUTION : drink responsibly and occasionally. We, in no way, wan’t to encourage alcoholism. Infact, we wan’t to help the society by curbing the growth of excessive drinking. Hope this video helps!!!

FYI 4 medium mugs of beer are OK for a week. More than that might be unhealthy

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Merry Christmas new animation from ghantee

Merry Christmas new animation from ghantee

It is that time of the year, when the air is filled with excitement and the rooms are filled with gifts. A clean festival that everyone looks forward to. It gives them a chance to spice things up. To decorate their homes and to gift their loved ones happiness. We at are fully immersed in the happiness right now. So we created a short christmas animation for our readers. For the animation fraternity…. this took us just inside a day to finish this animation and present the output to you…. No more chitchat. Here’s the video…. Enjoy

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5 famous songs to bring out the pahari in you

Pahari culture, as we all know, happens to be a very laid back culture. But it resonates a lot of colors. Here we have compiled a wonderful list of some classic songs that will definitely bring out some memories. If you love are the easy-on-the ears type pahari listener you should also read this GARHWALI GANA ARTICLE.

1. Aam ki Daali maa ghughuti naa baasa

This song is the quintessential example of the melody of the mountains. Penned by our very own Gopal Babu Goswami (who BTW is the most influential Pahari songwriter), this song is the most essential song to have in any pahari song-list. No matter in which part of the world you are, this song will pull you back to the place where you truly belong (The Hills of Garhwal and Kumaon)

2. Bedu paako baaramaasa

Again, a song as beautiful as Bedu paako baaramaasa comes in ages. I have a very faint idea about the writer of the song. In my knowledge it is the great Gopal Babu Goswami but wikipedia shows otherwise. So I am not taking any confirm stand on this one, but I am posting a link to this song below. Just sit back and enjoy the pure beauty of it.

3. Kaile baaje murali

I don’t know if I am a Fanboy or what but this (in my knowledge) is the third song in this list which happens to be written and sung by Gopal Babu Goswami. He has made such a huge impact on the culture of the hills with his songs that this list might just end up being a tribute to him. Anyways, I am not posting a regular song link for this one as I found a very beautiful acoustic version of the song here:

4. Jhumka giri go

An upbeat song with amazing lyrics to compliment the music. This song is a beautiful expression of the love of a guy and how he fantasizes about his girl . Hear it here:

5.Babli tero mobile

And then there is “Babli tero mobile”. One of the most famous songs by gajendra rana, who brought the crudeness of voice to the pahari song circuit and took it to a whole different level.

I have tried to keep the list short but all of these songs are legendary. They reflect the true essence of the hills. Also I have tried to paste links to artists who are trying to create something new out of the older version of these songs, so that their great work gets the recognition it truly deserves.

            I am so much immersed in these songs right now that it is almost impossible to bring me out of it……..I am listening to kaile baaje murali from the above list (by these two guys, who by the way are doing something great. I think I should just do an article on these guys as well coz you know, acoustic covers of pahari songs are soooo hard to find (and I crave for them). These guys are actually doing a service to the society… (or atleast me)