Overwatch animated short “Alive” – by Blizzard studios

Overwatch, is a team based shooter game by Blizzard studios. Overwatch short flm “Alive” is the tale of Widowmaker, the Talon assassin who stalks her prey with pin-point accuracy. This episode is set in London’s King’s Row—where you’ll discover how one death can change everything. The short starts with a girl saying that she had […]

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Looking for the Best cricket fantasy apps to earn real cash in India |

These 2 apps are the only ones you’ll ever need to make real cash. Looking for the best apps to play fantasy cricket in india? Well… look no further Our suggestion to you will be: Why look for too many apps and fill your device with all the useless bloatware? Here in this article we […]

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lord shiva hd wallpapers for mobile |

lord shiva hd wallpapers for mobile lord shiva hd wallpapers for mobile from devon ke dev mahadev serial SIZE: 1080×2280 DOWNLOAD HERE                                   Download your favourite lord shiva 4K wallpaper: SIZE: 2160×3840 DOWNLOAD 4K Wallpaper for android and ios, […]

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best netflix series 2019 – इनके बारे में आपने शायद ही सुना हो

best netflix series 2019 – इनके बारे में आपने शायद ही सुना हो – ज़रूर देखें (Hinglish) Quaratine के इस समय में कैसी उदासी और बोरियत छायी हुई है इस्पे सब पहले ही काफी बातें कर चुके हैं। तो हम अपने mood को और ख़राब ना करते हुए सोचते हैं की इस माहौल में excitement […]

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Wolverine Speed Sculpting in Zbrush – by Matthew Kean

Wolverine sculpt – Follow his technique to get the best results Most of you X-men fanboys out there have a huge liking for Wolverine. Have you tried to copy that rawness of his character in zbrush sculpting? Well, thankfully here’s a video by Matthew Kean where he sculpts the torso of wolverine. Follow the tutorial and […]

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Kumaoni language – now officially an endangered one !!!

kumaoni language in UNESCO’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger Are we witnessing the last generation of Kumaoni language speaking people ? Guess so, because according to UNESCO’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger, Kumaoni is now officially in the unsafe category. Are we really going to let go of the language that has […]

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Venom movie review from an audience perspective – definite thumbs up

Venom movie short review from an audience perspective – definite thumbs up I would like to start by saying that rotten tomatoes is confusing, rather weird. Yes, you heard that right !! The famous movie aggregator website has given a rating of 40% to Justice league movie(2017). Venom(2018), on the other hand stands at 31% […]

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So should you write that book you were thinking to write

Book writing is the latest kid on the block and it is easier now than ever to write your book. But where can you find the motivation to write one. Book writing is an artistic business and artists, as we all know cannot do without motivation in their life. So where actually do you find […]

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This garhwali gana brings back the vibes of olden times.

Garhwali gana जो आपको याद दिलाएगा Uttarkahand की simplicity की….. Ravindra Kandari is an emerging singer from the hills whose songs will remind you of the natural beauty of Garhwal. You’ll find that classic touch in his songs. This song will be especially liked by those friends who have migrated from here. We all know […]

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6 brie larson images that’ll make your jaws drop | Ghantee

6 images of the captain marvel actress that are insane Friends, you must already know who Brie Larson is. For those of you who don’t know, we’ll let u know that she is a great actress who recently played Captain Marvel. She was already well known for her role in the movie The Room. But […]

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Transformers Age of Extinction – The Visual Effects

Most effects packed part in the Transformers franchisee Today we’ve brought for you a reel of ILM’s visual effects work for Transformers: Age of Extinction. The movie, as you all know, set a benchmark in Visual effects standards and its Visual Effects Supervisor, Scott Farrar, was honored with the Hollywood Visual Effects Award. Here…have a […]

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cool new independence day craft for kids – latest by Bring Me Art

independence day craft for kids using ice cream sticks | popsicle stick crafts independence day craft for kids using ice cream sticks | popsicle stick crafts In this video we’ll try to make the amar jawan jyoti from popsicle sticks !! Watch the video in HD and enjoy Make sure to subscribe to Bring Me […]

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9 Thor images that you must check out right now – These are real dope

9 Thor images or Thor Odinson is a fictional character of the Marvel cinematic universe and the Marvel comic books. The Thor from the MCU is being portrayed by Chris Hemsworth. Thor is one of the most powerful of the Asgardians, an alien civilization who are considered to be gods on planet Earth. Thor character […]

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How to draw Deadpool 3D sketch – by Marcello Barenghi

Here’s an artist at work drawing a 3D sketch of the Merc with a mouth You might have recently watched your favourite anti-hero on the big screen. Deadpool the movie did great BTW!. But do you know how to draw the ultimate deadpool 3D sketch? Well… no need to worry. Your go to 3D sketcher […]

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Leo Di Caprio head sculpt from the movie “The Revenant”

Caprio played Hugh Glass in the movie and won an Oscar for it! Leonardo DiCaprio is not just an outstanding actor. The Guy is a brand in himself. Today we’ve brought for you this amazing head sculpt of Caprio from the movie “The Revenant”. The sculpt features paintwork and hairs by Jacob Rahmier. Just check […]

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