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Leo Di Caprio head sculpt from the movie “The Revenant”

Caprio played Hugh Glass in the movie and won an Oscar for it!

Leonardo DiCaprio is not just an outstanding actor. The Guy is a brand in himself. Today we’ve brought for you this amazing head sculpt of Caprio from the movie “The Revenant”. The sculpt features paintwork and hairs by Jacob Rahmier. Just check out the minute details he had done on this piece.
caprio head sculpt revenant
The guy is a beast when it comes to awesome paint jobs. You might wanna follow the guy after watching this. Don’t hesitate then. You can find his fb page HERE. Show the guy some love..
caprio head sculpt revenant
We pulled these images out of Mark Chuah. You might also wanna follow him… :D
caprio head sculpt revenant

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