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family relations in kumaoni language – How are they pronounced ?

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Today we wanted to shed some light on the major kumaoni words used in family relations. So here they are:

Mother माता इजा
Father पिता बाबू
Younger sister छोटी बहन बैणी
Elder sister बड़ी बहन दीदी
Elder brother बड़ा भाई ठुल दाज्यू
Younger brother छोटा भाई नान भौ
Grandmother दादी आमा
Grandfather दादा बड़ बौजू
Son बेटा च्यल
Daughter बेटी चेलि
Daughter-in-law बहू बुआरि
Son-in-law दामाद जवाईं

That’s it for today. Catch you later with some more practice words.

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