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Basic kumaoni language words – learn in hindi, english and kumaoni

kumaoni language learn online in hindi

Let’s keep up with our tradition and learn some kumaoni words that are used pretty frequently on a day-to-day basis:

Yes हाँ होय
No नहीं ना
How कैसे कसिक
How much कितना कतु
What क्या के
Where कहाँ कां
Who कौन को
Whose किसका कैक
You तुम तू
Me मै मैं
Him वह
Her वह
His उसका वीक
Them वे उं
Their उनका उनौर
Your तुम्हारा तुमर/त्यर

That’s it for today. Catch you later with some more practice words.

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