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learn kumaoni – some more word meanings

Likes 182 Let’s keep up with our tradition and learn some very simple kumaoni words today: HINDI KUMAONI हथियाना हथ‌्यौंण स्वीकारना मानण जान पहचान जान पच्याण ठीक भल दर्द पीड़ ढेर मस्त जिम्मेदारी जिमवारि निभाना निभौण सही में सच्ची कैसे हो कस छा उत्तरदाई जुम्मेवार बधाइ बधै हॅंसायेगी हसाली घाव घौ कारागार हौलाद more coming […]

Lets learn kumaoni – in hindi, english and hinglish !!

Likes 202 Kumaoni is a language spoken by over 2 million people of the of the state of  Uttarakhand in northern India. UNESCO’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger designates it as a language in the unsafe category, meaning it requires consistent conservation efforts. And therefore we have decided to promote it through our website as […]

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