Hey Guys,

I know that our downloading process is pretty simple in itself, but lately we’ve been working on giving our audiences an even greater experience.

There are 2 ways for downloading free models:

  1. choose your model > click on the image > don’t click on the add to cart button, go below and click on download
  2.  choose model > click on its image > add to cart > add more items in cart (if needed) > checkout

We don’t want you to click each model once and download them one by one. SO to your delight, we are adding an alternate method as well. Its upto you to use it or use the older one instead. A simple change in our user interface which will allow you guys to add any amount of items in your cart and then download them from a single page.

Also we are trying to make searching simpler. So you can find exactly what you are looking for, in a jiffy. What we want from you is to be a little patient and bear with us for a couple of weeks and we promise to make the process seamless for you

Thanks for all the support guys


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