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Here is an un-official list of the most popular game of thrones characters collectibles available in India right now…

                           So here is your final chance to prepare for the winters coz the winter has finally arrived !!!

9. Brienne of Tarth: The lady who defeated the hound in one on one combat, brienne is the most fierce female warrior on the show (except of course Arya). She is no.9 on this list, just because her story arc hasn’t been too dynamic, but she has established herself as the symbol of devotion.

8. The Hound: The hound character gained popularity on game of thrones since his story took a different path when he came in contact with Arya. The big guy is all muscle and emotionless from the outside, but deep down he is a li’l baby. He is no. 8 on this list.

7. Daenerys targaryn: The mother of the dragons is probably the most powerful women in westeros right now(with the dragons by her side). She has been the epitome of kindness and at the same time destruction.But dany misses out just cause she’s like the superman of GOT (in that she can do anything).

6. Bran Stark: You have seen the kid grow into the three eyed raven. What keeps bran on the list is the fact that he is the only clue to solving the night-king puzzle(update: Arya has solved the puzzle). Bran has slipped down to no.6

5. HODOR: The gentle giant shifted all the viewers’ attention to himself once people got to know his story. Since his death on the show, his fan-following has only increased exponentially. HODOR is the most loved big guy on the show and hence sits comfortably on no.5

4. Jamie lannister: Tyrion’s elder brother and the second most loved lannister on the show right now, jamie has surely come a long way from the guy who threw a li’l kid out the window. He is no.4 on our list.

3. Tyrion Lannister: The most loved character of the first three seasons for sure. But the lack of screen time and no major role to play till episode 3 of season 8, tyrion has missed out on the number one spot by two spots.

2. Jon Snow: We have seen the hardships jon had to bear all through his teens, but still it amazes us when we see him sacrifice his everything for humankind. He is definitely one of the most loved character of the series but not the winner.

1. Arya Stark: There can be “no one” better than her to be on the top of this list, now that she’s killed the night king. Her character arc has been the most dynamic among all the characters and it really feels fulfilling when you see where it has brought her.

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