You’ll absolutely fall in love with these animated quit smoking ads

An innovative take on the age old topic of quitting smoking

You know there are a lot of guys who don’t quit smoking just because they never got convinced enough to do so. Well guess what? The folks over at MAKEVISUAL might have found a little success in doing so. These guys have created a series of ads that make use of the latest technologies in animation to create some heart wrenching ads for all you smokers out there.Watch these out and figure out for yourself whether or not you want to quit it NOW !!. Also I was so awestruck with the technology that went behind creating these ads that I am putting a small behind-the-scenes of these ads(below these 2 videos) . Hats of to these guys for achieving this level of detailing in merging animation with a live action footage.

Main Video

AD – 02


GUESS what we found out for you guys… A behind the scenes video of the making of the above ads. Isn’t that fantastic !!. Here you go:


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