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Wolverine sculpt – Follow his technique to get the best results

Most of you X-men fanboys out there have a huge liking for Wolverine. Have you tried to copy that rawness of his character in zbrush sculpting?

Well, thankfully here’s a video by Matthew Kean where he sculpts the torso of wolverine. Follow the tutorial and don’t forget to look out for those minor details that he adds up in his model. This is a speed sculpting video. So adjust the speed of your video accordingly… ūüėÄ

Matthew¬†starts out with a base mesh….


Then he carves out the anatomy of the torso….


and finishes off with the detailing of the face.


Heres the video for you to enjoy and learn :

Matthew Kean is a Character artist and digital modeler. He is a Senior Character Artist at Firaxis Games and teaches 3D design.

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