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Venom movie review from an audience perspective – definite thumbs up

Venom movie short review from an audience perspective – definite thumbs up

I seriously don’t understand what’s wrong with the film critics these days. I mean guys seriously have you watched venom. I guess not. Or maybe you have created a negative place in your heart for all Superhero Movies and you don’t wanna give any of them a chance. All that echoes in your mind is that they are using CGI and so they are bad.

I am saying all this because despite of the critics consensus I went into watch movie and man I want to say that I was impressed. From an audience perspective I would like to add that the film was super awesome, easily watchable with the family and as always Tom Hardy was blockbuster. Yes I know that the film didn’t contain an all star cast Like The Avengers but in my opinion Tom Hardy is worthy enough to pull the movie on his shoulders alone. I mean the guy has got a great screen presence and he is a brilliant actor. He, along with the film director has brought in a different kind of funny Charm to the movie and I as an audience can promise you that you are gonna love it…..Period. there you go. I said it all. So please don’t hold back that superhero fan in you just because some critics said so. Get out and enjoy the freakin movie.

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