Speed Sculpt Upper Body by Matthew Kean – Zbrush

ZBrush Speed sculpt Time-lapse video

In this video, you’ll delve into deeper details of zbrush sculpting and create a sculpt starting from scratch. This is an easy to follow workflow where Matthew starts with a basic mesh.

upper body starting mesh

and keeps on adding details to the torso on his way through.

upper body detailing start

and finally finishes off by adding finer details to the body and face mesh.

upper body finer detailing

Here’s the video :-

The video is done by  Matthew Kean. Matthew Kean is a great character design artist with several years of experience. He has done modelling for both film and games. He has served as a Beta artist at Pixologic, and teaches 3D design. Matthew is currently a Lead Character Artist at Firaxis Games.



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