CAUTION: This Star Wars Robot toy might blow your mind !!!

Sphero BB8 – A robot with an adaptive personality

You can now feel like a part of the star wars world with your own robot assistant with you. Sphero – The toy robot making giant has released a new bot toy BB8 that is more of a companion than a toy. The bot is a very powerful piece of technology and can Interact seamlessly with a mobile or tablet. In plain terms that means that you can guide your toy’s movements with your mobile. It can also recognize your voice and can respond to your commands. The official site of Sphero also claims that you can record and view virtual holographic videos with BB-8. It also features a one-of-a-kind ADAPTIVE PERSONALITY which means that the bot’s attitude and actions evolve as you interact. And that  is why this bot is so unique. The bot works with both ios and android

The BB-8 bot shows a range of expressions and features limitless possiblities.

Here are the bot’s specifications:

Height: 11.4 cm, Width: 7.3 cm

Top speed: 4.5 mph, Battery: 1 hr of play on full charge

Price earlier: ₹ 32,373.00

Price Now:

you can buy it from here:

 10 total,  3 today

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