The less explored sun temple of India – At Katarmal

Katarmal is a remote village in the kumaon regions of Uttarakhand

katarmal sun temple path

There are a lot of illustrious temples in India but you might already know that very few of them are devoted to Sun God. Among them the most heard must be the Sun temple at Konark. But have you ever heard of the Sun temple at Katarmal? I guess not. This lesser known temple of sun god is situated in the serene hills of Almora(Uttarakhand). The path to the temple is a well built road followed by a rough terrain of about 2-3 kms. Then you reach a point where you have to park your vehicle and walk about half a kilometer on foot. This is the pedestrian path we are talking about here(The pic is taken from the temple premises)


A little uphill walk, but it is worth it trust me. Once you reach the temple premises, you’ll feel on the top of the world (literally). If you are one of those crazy trekkers who feel at ease with the lesser explored destinations, this one’s for you definitely. Once at Almora you might also want to check out some other cool places in this part of Kumaon. You can visit Mukteshwar, Kausani, Nainital, The wish fulfilling CHITAI TEMPLE, Dhokane waterfalls, Kasardevi and many more…. We are leaving you with a lovely montage of the temple itself 😀



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