Some really Bad ass works by Tanvir Islam!!!

Tanvir is from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tanvir M.N. Islam. Remember the name. The guy is a great 3D asrtist coming from Bangladesh, Dhaka. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts(B.F.A) Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, UODA.

tanvir islam 02

He is a self-taught 3d artist and does some really brilliant work.

tanvir 04

His modelling workflow predominantly features use of Maya and Zbrush for the modelling part and After Effects, NukeX etc for compositing

tanvir islam 01

Over time he has developed other skills as well and has become a generalist who specializes in modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animating.

tanvir 05

Here’s a great artist to draw some inspiration from. What more? The guy is from the subcontinent as well. Here’s love to you brother and Best of Luck… 😀


tanvir 03

For more inspirational artworks click HERE

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