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 Learn Photoshop basics to get yourself started

This tutorial is aimed at teaching you how to use CS6 or CC like a pro. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use various tools and options via an example photoshop file. So don’t miss this one as its a great one!!!

Below are some of the most useful photoshop CS6 shortcuts that might come in handy 😉

mMarquee tools
lLasso tools
wQuick Selection, Magic Wand
cCrop and Slice Tools
iEyedropper, Color Sampler, Ruler, Note, Count
Shift+Ctrl+MNew layer
bBrush, Pencil, Color Replacement, Mixer Brush
sClone Stamp, Pattern Stamp
fScreen modes
eEraser tools
gGradient, Paint Bucket
pPen tools
Ctrl+jDuplicate Layer

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