New Delhi Book fair 2016 – An evening among the books………..

World Book fair 2016 New Delhi

The New Delhi World book fair is an event organised by the National Book Trust. This fair takes place every year around the winters. The venue of the fair happens to be Pragati Maidan (which also hosts some other big events like the Auto-expo). The energy of this place is enormous during the time of a book fair. There are millions(probably billions) of books on display out there. Its surely a paradise for the readers among us.

book fair 2016

This time was no different either. Everything about this years’s book fair was EPIC. The visitors could find some really interesting stalls at the event. There was this stall where you could find a large amount of titles on Indian revolutionaries, which I think was great ( See the pic above). Also on display were novels from some of the most renowned Indian authors (Pic below).

book fair 2016

Other stalls included the all so famous Gita press, Gorakhpur. You won’t believe that these guys were selling the Gita for as low as Rs. 12.50. Isn’t that great !!

book fair 2016

You could literally find any book in this fair. You just name it. For quite some time now I was looking for some books by the Rajasthan publishing house. Enter the book fair and what do I find?? The Rajasthan Publishing house stall. And I was even able to find the specific books I was looking for ( and that too at great discounts… WOW). Among other attractions were the authors’s corner, the dining places, the comic book & stationary souvenirs and Mr. Ravish Kumar ( Yes the famous journalist was also there ).

book fair 2016

I can go ON and ON describing it, the place was literally endless !! You should’ve been there (trust me). It was a great evening spent among the books… Looking forward to more of these.

Thanks Delhi book fair for some wonderful memories and a sea of knowledge. 😀


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