Modifying a rigged character for Maya animation

Important maya animation tips and tricks

Many-a-times in maya animation, animators feel the need to modify a rigged character. Modifying an already rigged character does 2 things:

  1. It makes the character more suited for your scene.
  2. Saves you a lot of time.

You just need to pick up a good rig (tested by you or your community) and edit it according to your needs. This tutorial by Jason Fittipaldi is the coolest tutorial available on the web on modifying the look of a pre-rigged character without much hassles. The character used in this tutorial is just one example and the freshSkin script and ideas should work on nearly any rig.

The “sculpts” face that Jason re-sculpts here, is the root blendshape for this head. This technique may not work on some rigs, but creating new blendShapes is a great way to change a rigged character’s look without taking anything away from the base geometry. 😀

The  freshSkin script used in this video was created by Tyler Hurd, and can be found here:

NOTE: With the latest version of freshScript, you only need to select your geometry and run the command: freshScript();
You no longer need to include the name of your mesh when calling the script function.



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