Everyone is going MAD over these ultra-realistic action figure

Action figure like you’ve never seen before!!

We all know how kids go crazy over an action figure. But toys manufacturing companies have lately been creating action figures that even make the adults go crazy after them. Don’t believe us?

We have listed below some of the best action figures (in our opinion). You’ll know how hard it is to choose a favourite from among them…. ;D

Toy manufacturing is a very big market and a large chunk of it is action toys for kids. These pieces range anywhere from INR 500 to INR 200000 and more!!!

Hiesenberg Batman & Superman Statue Harley Quinn Wonder Woman

You can find some of these on sale at AMAZON or check their official sites.

Fell in love with these boys’ toys? Here’s a video with a perspective on the action figure market of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the 2nd biggest exporter of action figures just behind mainland China. Great video. Watch it out:

Visit HOT TOYS’ official site for more cool action figures


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