How to do joints and skinning in maya 2016

Maya 2016 is an important advancement in the 3D field

This is a basic character rigging tutorial for Maya 2016 that’ll teach you how to create joints in your character and how to skin them. You guys already know that a solid foundation for a good animation, is a good rig. And for that you need to know how to create joints in the first place.

After following this tutorial correctly, you’ll have a better understanding of joints and skeleton in Maya 2016. You’ll then be ready to start posing and animating your character at your will. Topics covered in this video include the create joint and insert joint tool, the hammer skin weights tool, geodesic voxel binding, the paint skin weights tool, and the component editor.

An EXTENDED CUT version of this tutorial is also available now! This is an in-depth video that is over an hour long and covers every topic in this video but in more detail. New topics on joint placement, skin weighting guidelines and joint orients, are introduced as well. Download it now:

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