Is Deadpool (the movie) being over rated? Movie Highs, lows and verdict

Highs and lows of Deadpool summed up

Deadpool, as most of you might already know, is one of the highly popular fictional characters of the Marvel Universe. But what makes it stand out from the other super heroes is his sense of humour. He has this uncanny habit of throwing in his slapstick comedy punches every now and then. And this trait has garnered him a large loyal fan base even among superheroes like Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Spidey.

Now on to the movie. Well…. for a first time film director like Tim Miller (Tim Miller is originally an animator, creative director and visual effects artist and its his first time directing a full length movie) its a great movie to add to his portfolio. Deadpool has been getting some really favourable reviews and is doing exceptionally well at the box office too(It has earned an estimated $300 Million Worldwide over its debut weekend).But is the movie really that well handled. Lets find out:


  1. It didn’t try to change the originality of the deadpool of the comic books – Fans love it the way it was…. The merc with a mouth.
  2. The slapstick comedy is bang on – Even if you are one of those guys who didn’t like the movie much, you’d still agree that the comedy was top notch.
  3.  The movie was a joy ride all through – There were rarely any dull moments(which is a really BIG thing to pull off for any movie)
  4.  It doesn’t focus too heavily on the Visual effects – It rather relies on the story to pick the film up.


  1. The fans really needed some more fight sequences – Not that the action part wasn’t great… just that there was too little of it (Although we heard the news that the film had been alloted a very low budget, considering which it was OK)
  2. The director could have showed more of the chemistry of the lead pair – The story at the start was really touching. But just as the we start to get emotionally involved in the movie, the chemistry is cut-off in between. Tim miller could have done a little better there. I am sure the audiences wouldn’t mind that extra little bit of the story build-up.


Despite of all the cons we stated above, I would still hold my statement that Deadpool (the movie) is a pretty neat effort for a first time director. Hats off to the guy for pulling this franchise off. I mean there are a few ifs and butts here and there but this might be a great starting point for the making of a DEADPOOL sequel ;D

VERDICT: Yes Deadpool the movie might be a bit over-rated but all in all its a re-invention of the super-hero genre and that’s why it is a really interesting watch.


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