In desperate need of its own superhero movies – A look at the Indian Film industry

Does the name Iron man ring a bell? Well, ofcourse it does. And so does captain america, thor, superman, spiderman, batman and many more. Before you jump to any conclusions, let me clear the air out. I am not talking about the marvel cinematic universe or the DCEU (coz why would I? I would not want to start a comment war on this website….duh). I am talking about the big-budget superheroes and the movie genre in general.

hrithik tiranga

Okay, before jumping on the bandwagon and starting to bash the bollywood film industry completely, I would like to take a moment and congratulate the commendable job some of the directors are doing. If we take our attention away from the typical bollywood masala flicks, we’ll start to see that this year has seen the emergence of movies with substance. There have been movies like Raazi, Karwaan, Stree and now Andhadhun. These movies have taken the benchmark of bollywood movies to a whole another level. It has shown the immense potential that the indian film industry has. This potential, when mixed with the right content can propel the industry to unthinkable heights. With all the developments that have been taking place, there’s always room for improvement. There’s a whole genre of movies that indian cinema hasn’t touched yet. This is the super-hero genre.

super commando tiger

Why is the super-hero genre so important? Lets see. Super-hero flicks have been a rage worldwide. But why should we follow suite. We’ll create our own unique content you might question. Fair enough. But look at it this way. The super-hero genre is a genre that is larger than life. It not only affects the movie going audiences or the box office collections, but also makes an impact on the society. For example, look at Black Panther. The movie brought about a resurgence of sorts in the black community. The black people related themselves to a hero, who looked like them. A hero just like them, who was fighting for the good of all. It also created a sense of individuality in people. Isn’t that great !!

I think movies are meant to be like that. They should leave a lasting impact on the society. And what better way to do that than to follow the norm and give us our very own Indian superhero. I mean, we’ve had plenty of great super-hero comics in the past. We’ve had characters like super commando dhruv, doga, nagraj, bhokal, bheriya and many more. What I want from the young and upcoming crop of directors is that they pick any of these legendary characters and weave a movie around it. That is all that we demand as an audience member. We need heroes that we can relate more strongly to and it is high time that we get one. I hope this article resonates with some of the better directors and someone takes the task in his own hands.

Looking forward to Doga locking horns with super commando dhruv on the silver screen. I hope this could be the start of our very own super-hero cinematic universe..fingers crossed

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