In awe of Dreamworks animation pipeline ? Check out this video

Finally Dreamworks has answered all your prayers regarding the preplanning and post production workflow of animation movies.

Are you always in awe of the animation stuff done by the folks at Dreamworks studios. Do you always wonder how they make such tedious process so simplified and how do most of their movies turn out to be so purrr-fect. Well you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s no rocket science behind it. These guys are just very good at sticking to a process of animation called the animation pipeline. They have a huge no. of steps involved in their pipeline process and that is the reason why their movies look so seamless. All the movies, whether long or short, have to go through the same pipeline and are checked for their quality at every stage. You’ll be amazed to know that their animation pipeline also has some minute steps incorporated (which we upcoming animators often overlook). So enjoy this lovely piece of information and then sit and re-plan your workflow… This video is an eye-opener. Thanks a lot Dreamworks animation.

video source : Smilekids

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