Gimbal lock in Autodesk Maya and its solution

A very basic explanation of Gimbal lock and the cause of its occurence

This video is a simple explanation of the gimbal lock in Autodesk Maya. Now, what is gimbal lock? Well if there are any animators reading this post, they’ll know that gimbal lock is one of the trickiest situations you can face while animating. Many times while animating a scene you notice that the object suddenly starts moving in strange ways. No matter how hard you try to correct it, the situation doesn’t get better at times. A basic solution to this problem is the Euler filter in graph editor. For that you don’t have to do much.

Just select the object that has been causing problems>Go to window>animation editors>graph editor>curves>Euler filter…

tadaaa….. and you’re done….

But here we try to get to the root cause of the problem and understand how changing a few things can help us avoid gimbal problems. This is demonstrated with a solution to a common camera problem, by finding the correct rotation order.

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