awesome friendship band craft DIY by bring me art youtube channel

awesome friendship band craft DIY by bring me art youtube channel:

Hi All.

So its 2018 and our latest wallpapers have been keeping us busy. We totally understand that we’ve not posted a great creative stuff since long. So today we have decided to make-up for MORE THAN THAT !!

As the the crafty bug bit us, we started just going through almost all the crafty videos out there on youtube. And to our delight(and our reader’s as well, obviously…duh) we bumped upon something that we’d really like to share with you. The following friendship band craft DIY has been done and performed by BRING ME ART youtube channel and we own nothing of it !!

This is an awesome piece of friendship band craft. Well actually its a rakhi, a festival that is celebrated in India, wherein a girl ties this band on the hand of her brother and the brother in return promises to keep her protected all the time. Well thats for the knowledgable part. But you can use this craft as well, as this presents a wonderful opportunity for you to create something super cool for your friends. The band is made up of homemade dough !! (yup can you believe that?). Just check the video out already and tell us how you like this interesting take on the friendship band aka rakhi.

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