Learn how to draw a great pose with this easy-to-follow tutorial

Pose-ing had never been so easy

Many of you art students out there already know how important it is to draw an accurate pose. For those of you who still don’t understand the importance of it I can only say that “A great animation can’t be achieved without great poses”. And for great poses you have to practice A LOT using live references. If you are attending an art school, you might already be learning in life drawing classes. But if you are learning at home, still no worries. Why? because you’ll always find life drawing references around you. Everything you see around you is a reference for your next great pose. So take out your drawing books and start sketching now. Here’s a great tutorial by Chris Warner explaining the finer details of gesture drawing. This tutorials is split into two parts, just for your learning purposes. In these videos you’ll learn how to sketch a great pose with a model. Warner will teach you some really helpful techniques for Gesture Drawing which can be implemented in Life Drawing classes. Warner is a faculty at Otis college of art and design.




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