Tuesday, May 26

Don’t blame it on me-ssi | Argentina out of wc 2018

Yeah, you heard that right. You can say whatever you want coz you don’t have to be in his shoes. You, just have to lay your lame ass on the couch and start blaming. Can’t you guys just enjoy a great game.

You might have heard that

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

I think that’s what is happening with Messi. He has been the epitome of greatness for too long now. It is now taking its toll on him. You still saw him fighting for the ball when no one else did. That’s Messi for you. He gave it what he could. But destiny had already made its choice. You understand that when you see a 19 year old mbappe shining brighter than Messi and grietzman.

I know that our favourite team Argentina are out of the world cup Russia 2018. But you gotta accept that it was a great game of football. Everone gave a fierce fight before they bowed out. There was Di maria magic, Messi touch, aguero goal, mascherano fightback. Everone chipped in, starting to look like a team lately. Lot of positives there if you wanna see. Both the teams were evenly matched, (France probably a bit better in defense), but Argentina didn’t go down without a fight. The final scoreline read 4-3, but it could easily have been in the favour of Argentina as well.

I am heartbroken right now and so are many more fans like me. We just don’t want to get into a GOAT debate right now. All I can say is that I love a good game of football and boy we got a great game today.

Win or lose Messi will always be my favourite player coz I have seen THE MAGIC. Maybe the tricks aren’t working right now but the next time you open your mouth to shit on the guy just remember that win or lose MESSI has given you all some of the MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS of your otherwise ORDINARY LIFE………….PERIOD..


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