Create cool 2D animation in after effects – In a few minutes!

Creating 2d animation with after effects cc is a piece of cake now with character animator

Are you one of those guys who always wanted to create a short 2d animation for yourself but never had enough time to key every movement? Well guess what!…. After Effects has worked around a pretty cool way to help you out. Some of you might’ve already figured out that we are talking about the “Character animator”. Character animator is great new addition to the after effects arsenal. It lets you map your lipsync and hand gestures onto a pre-rigged after effects character. And that too in a matter of minutes. All you need is a web cam that can read your movements nicely. This is a video version of the session at Adobe MAX 2015 in Los Angeles. In this video you’ll learn how to set-up a character in Photoshop, tweak its properties in Character Animator, recording and adding the final details in After Effects. Good luck …… and keep learning…

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