Making of a comic book page – by comic makers : Timelapse

Learn from the comic makers themselves

Are you an avid comic book lover. Are you always fascinated by the artworks of these books? DO YOU WANT to LEARN from the COMIC MAKERS, the art of comic drawing and coloring? Well…. then this timelapse video might just be the inspiration you’ve been waiting for. In this video you’ll learn the little details involved in making a comic book page from start to finish. Here, in the video is a masterful artist at his work. You’ll see him start his page with rough sketching. He then finalizes them and moves on to the next stage which is pen sketching. He does this using a lightbox (ofcourse). Some small steps in-between and then he colors his sketches and brings them to life.

Enjoy Sketching…. Here’s your video:

To read this comic online head over to spera-comics’ website

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