The Amazing Camera sequencer in Autodesk Maya – Tutorial!!

The Camera Sequencer is a great in-built tool for Pre-visualization purposes

As a 3D artist you’ve had faced that situation when you have a lot of shots done in Maya and you wanted to look how they’d look as a movie. Camera sequencer is a great tool that comes pre loaded with Autodesk Maya. It is just like the trax editor, well…. aesthetically!. What camera sequencer is very good at is, that it gives you the freedom to arrange your playblasts in a sequence along with your audio. This saves a lot of your work. The artists who are still not using the camera sequencer are actually wasting a lot of time!!.

The tool is in plain words compact and powerful. Remember how you used to create playblasts for each scene in your project and then take them over to after effects or premiere, just to find out if everything was running fine or not. Now, this will save a lot of your time and you’ll not forget to thank me everytime you arrive here…… ;D (just kiddin’)

Well… enough with the talk already! This is the all important link you’ll need. This is a very short video which’ll shed some light on “How to use the camera sequencer”


NOTE: This tool is known to work better with the 32 bit installation.

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