Bhutan – The most number of trees planted in an hour

Way to go Bhutan!! – RESPECT

Planting trees is a great way of giving your love back to mother nature. This is something we people can learn from Bhutan. With all the deforestation happening in the kumaon and garhwal hills, it has become more than a responsibilty for us people to indulge in activities like this. These activities don’t only bring the masses together but also brings you close to the nature. Bhutanes people also planted 108,000 trees in honour of their prince’s birth. Now thats a feat…..Ain’t it.

I also belong from the hills and understand the importance of trees in our life. Trees are the best things in our ecosystem. Don’t know why we are hell bent on destroying them. Its like destroying ourselves with our own hands. There is a lot of deforestation going on in my region these days and that unsettles me. I hope I can bring a change to that some day. I also intend to hold these type of tree planting activities in my area but that is something that needs to thought out of carefully before executing.

For the time being, Here’s the video to the world record >

“Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.”
                                                                                   ~Rene Dubos

Now You can also be a part of the change. Buy yourself these and live a life in tandem with nature

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