Best quotes wallpaper for mobile devices 2020

These are the 9 best quotes wallpaper for mobile you can find in 2020. These are a combination of motivational, funny, dark and legendary quotes mobile wallpapers.

You’ll ask what more??

Well these are all HD phone backgrounds and will look really cool on those mobile devices of yours !!

robin williams spark of madness mobile wallpaper

“You are only given a little spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it”

Robin williams

motivational phone wallpaper

“What comes easy won’t last long, and what lasts long won’t come easy”

joker quotes mobile wallpaper

“If you are good at something, never do it for free”

The Joker

minions mobile wallpaper hd

“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast”

godfather revenge quote wallpaper

“Revenge is a dish best served cold”

The godfather

joker quotes wallpaper for mobile

“They laugh at me coz I am different, I laugh at them coz they’re all the same”

The Joker

v for vendetta quotes phone wallpaper

“Behind this mask, there is more than just flesh, there is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof”

V (V for vendetta)

motivational quotes mobile wallpaper

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did”

joker wallpaper 2019

“Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there”

The Joker 2019

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