Best pahari songs for the new generation

This is a list of some of the Best pahari songs for the new generation of Pahari bhulas. But as they say “Music needs no language”. So everyone reading this blog should definitely give these a try !!

We all know that Pahari people are the most laid back and the sweetest people in the world. And there sweetness reflects in their songs.

The innocence of these songs is visible in their music videos as well. We hope that this list reaches out to younger generation, because they’re gonna love it too.

1. Teri Khutyu maa

This song is the quintessential example of the melody of the mountains. This version of the song is sung by Deepak Chamoli. This is a melodious song which is easy on the ears as well. No matter in which part of the world you are, this song will pull you back to the place for which you long (The Hills of Garhwal and Kumaon)

2. Kaleji ku tel

An experimental song like kaleji ku tel blows new life into the already enriching pahari culture. We’ll suggest you, that you listen to more tunes by Gunjan Dangwal. He sure is an artist to watch out for in the pahari music scene. Posting a link to this song below. Just sit back and let your foot tap to the rhythmic genius of the song. Trust us this sing will grow onto you eventually.

3. Preet ku rog

Preet ku rog is also a song that is easy on the ears. Plus the beautiful camera work and background settings lift it to a whole another level. The young generation is surely gonna develop a liking for this song:

4. Thal ki Bazar

An upbeat song with amazing lyrics to compliment the music. This song is simple yet beautiful and is also a foot tapping number but not too loud. Set against the backdrop of beautiful kumaun hills, the video of this one is great as well. Kudos to the camera team for that. Hear it here:

5. Chwiyon lagaanu ku dhang

Again, a lovely love song from the hills. You’ll be amazed to know that the lead actor is the singer of this song as well. You just need to see the cute romance between the lead pair, and you’ll be unable to get it out of your mind. Full marks to Ne yo pharswan and Pooja chand for this.

And last but definitely not the least, the crowd favourite..

6. Chaita ki chaitwali

No words for this song. Listen to this just for the sake of it. It is already a crowd pleaser and is a highly demanded song at any pahari event. Just give it a listen and you’ll see why:

I have tried to keep the list short but all of these songs are lovable. They reflect the true essence of the hills.

In the process, I might have left out quite a few legendary songs as well !!

So if you are one of the pahari bhulas, and know some great songs that should have made this list, you can leave your comments below.

Let’s make this list the most comprehensive list available on the web…. :D

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