How to use Animation Layers in Maya to your Advantage!

Stuck with Animation layers in Maya? Must see this tutorial

Most of the new students of Autodesk Maya usually overlook the animation layers. They think its a very complex topic and should be taken care of at a later time. But what they don’t understand is that these¬†layers are¬†one of the most powerful tools available for animation in Maya. For those of you who don’t know what animation layers are, these layers allow you to create an awesome layer based workflow like Adobe Photoshop. You create an animation>make it the base animation using animation layers>you create multiple animations over it using any number of layers you want. You can add or delete any layer at any time and your base animation won’t be affected.(Remember Photoshop……..anyone) Isn’t that great?

You can also utilize these layers to your benefit and add a lot more textures to your animation file.

In the following tutorial you’ll learn to use the animation layers to your advantage. The tutorial is done by Matt Tardiff….


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