How to add a Banner ad with a custom link to your site’s sidebar

Just 5 steps to getting your customized Banner ad in your Sidebar

Adding your own customized Banner ad to your sites’ sidebar. We’ll not get into any chit chat and straightaway jump to the tutorial. Following are the 5 steps you need to follow:

> Login to your account. Go to > Dashboard > Pages > add New.

custom banner ad setup

> Add the required image to the page > Select the image and insert your link. (Try to keep the image center aligned)

custom banner ad setup

> Switch from the Visual tab to Text tab.

> Copy the whole text (This is gonna be the code for your ad)

custom banner ad setup

 > Now go to Appearance > Widgets and add a text widget to your sidebar. Give it a title and add the code in the content section. Save the changes and your ad is ready….. tadaaa.

custom banner ad setup

It can’t get any simpler than this…… There I told you.

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