7 things to do when bored at home amid lockdown !!

7 things to do when bored at home amid lockdown

As we all are hearing everywhere these are testing times. But if for a moment we pull ourselves out of the gloomy mood and try to look at the positives that can come out of it, we’ll see that its not that bad. The constant pressure and workload of our offices has made us some sort of machine. Every morning we get ready and run to our offices, come back home, eat dinner, watch TV and go to sleep. This is a time when that monotony has paved way for some really quite time. The last thing you could do now is take it for granted and waste it. OR . what you could do is cherish it and utilise it in a way that fills your life with positivity and also lays the bricks to your future foundation.
So we’ve created a list of things to do when bored at home. Lets see how you can lock the lockdown:

  1. Pick out time to reflect on yourself

You would not believe it when we say that this is a great time to reflect on yourself. These days we hardly find time for ourselves and as a result most of us just get bored. We start to forget why we started to run in this race. Now, with a plenty of time to sit back and calm down you could finally think about you. See where your life is headed. Decide whether its time to take a break or continue on the same path. You’ll find that this time gave a new lease of life to you or your career. 

       2. Take your business online 

Yes you heard that right. Making a website these days is easy as hell. Learn some basic wordpress or wix and you are good to go. It’ll take you 1 to 2 days at max. 30 minutes if you are internet savvy and in no time your business will be open to the world. You’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction after you’ve achieved this.

       3. Learn something new like web development, app development, wordpress or web marketing

This is not for everyone but it is on our list just because we have a soft corner for it. Also, we think that the knowledge of coding and related stuff is a great tool in this age of internet and applications.

       4. Learn a musical instrument like keyboard, flute, guitar or drums

Music is like food for the senses and also it is a good skill to have at your display at parties. Take this time out to learn a musical instrument that you connect with and you’ll cherish it for the rest of your life.

       5. Learn a new language.

Yes why not. Language opens doors to new cultures. So we suggest you learn a new language for yourself. You can start with the language of the hills itself KUMAONI

       6. Read great Indian books like upanishads, Veds or the Gita itself

Old Indian books like the Vedas and upanishads are not only great in understanding the outer world but also the inner dimensions. Anyone who is currently stuck in something should definitely give these a try. Believe us you’ll not be disappointed.

       7. Connect with good old friends

Remember your old friends ? The ones who were always there by your side whenever you needed them. You might not have had a good old fashioned chat with them from quite some time. This might be a good time to catch up on them. So pick that phone of yours and dial the first numbers that come to mind.

Note: All the things to do when bored at home listed above will only work for you if you really put your heart into it. So buckle up and get yourself ready for the coming month and moreover the coming lifetime…

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