25 Most memorable mugshots from Delhi comic con 2015

Well….. as most of you might already know that comic con is a fair where all the comic-geeks combine to celebrate their (……well) geekiness. Not just that its a place filled with fun, carelessness, fantasy, toys, cosplays and more. IT has been a pretty huge affair in the U.S for quite some time now with some of the most notable filmmakers releasing the first trailers to their highly anticipated super-hero movies there, the latest in the series being DEADPOOL. Back in India comic-con has struggled to be as huge, but lately it has started finding its roots here also. This year’s comic con held at Delhi is a testimony to that. It was quite an affair with the highlight of the first day being the COSPLAYS (obviously). [COSPLAY, BTW stands for COStume PLAY. The participants called cosplayers come dressed up as their favourite characters and there is a jury of members who vote for the best cosplayers]. Also, there were action figures of some of the most loved anime series like One piece, Deathnote and the Avengers (my personal favourite being Deathnote). There were stalls of numerous established and some upcoming comic publishing houses who had a huge array of new comics for the fans. There was food, drinks, comics, action figures, cosplays, geekiness……. I mean what else can you ask for ?? All in all we saw that the Indian comic-con has come a long way from what it was last year and so has community of the FANS. We at Ghantee.com wish that the animation community grows leaps and bounds, so that the coming generation can have some new superheroes to look up to. Looking forward to seeing more of you geeky guys out there in the stalls at the next comic con. Below are some of the most memorable snapshots from Delhi comic con 2015. ENJOY !!

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