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What is ghantee all about?

Hi there,

If you are here at ghantee, this is where you should start if you are a first time visitor. We presume that you have ended up here coz you were probably searching for free 3d models, but the other sites were too tricky. They were asking for your name, passwords, sign-up and what not. But now that you are here, you must know that we don’t need anyone of those. We have our own life and we are pretty happy with that. So you better keep your information to yourself.


YOU CAN START BY SEARCHING YOUR DESIRED 3D MODEL BELOW (just type in your query and wait, don’t press enter):

or you can use the above menus to browse through all of our models (that is ofcourse if you have so much time at your disposal :P)






SO, what else can you find here at ghantee.com


You can check out other cool free stuff like FREE PNG IMAGES TO MAKE YOUR WORK EASIER.


maybe you just need to make your mobile device stand out. Then you must surely visit our awesome FREE MOBILE WALLPAPERS PAGE HERE.


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A Little edit: With all of the above being said, this is a developing site right now so we are trying out a few ways to make it super awesome for you guys and you as a user should know that we might also be asking for a little of your info, but that process isn’t permanent and we’ll be shifting back to the most laid back method in no time. We like primitive technology you know!!!

And oh one last thing. You can write to us using our contact page and leave your valuable insights and feedbacks. That’ll make the website become more frank to you guys!!



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