why ghantee

ghantee | best place to download free 3d models

Ghantee  is “The best, most hassle-free site to download HQ 3d models and props for free” This site is the result of our perseverance to provide royalty free 3d models for FREE!! Moreover:
1. We provide HQ models (with textures) for free.
2. We keep the downloading process VERY SIMPLE. That means LOG IN or SIGN UP to download these models.
3. We provide models in proper geometry and most of our models are in obj format(which BTW is accepted by most of the 3d programs).
4. Our 3d files look exactly same as the render. That means NO CHEATING.
5. All our models and rigs are royalty free!(that means you can use them anywhere without any worries)
We also have a suggestion form built-in where you guys can suggest 3d models that you need urgently and we try to get them done within a week.


With this, we are trying to bring awesome 3d models to you – all for free- A revolution in the 3D field….Ain’t it?

Now, our CG brothers out there might understand that creating and uploading 3d models is a tedious process. So we are unable to put too many models on our site (As we are just two persons working on these models, right now). You can support us if you want ghantee.com to grow. How can you do that?

Whenever you use our models anywhere, please paste a link to our website ghantee.com at the end(This is not compulsory but it would be a lot of help).

You can also spread our name by putting in good words about us in your network and making more of your colleagues know about ghantee.com. And what will you get? A HUGE database of free 3d models that’ll be royalty free always! So thanks in advance to those of you who wanna support us. And to those who don’t want to do so, You can head over to what you came for | FREE 3D MODELS HERE


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