How to add a Banner ad with a custom link to your site’s sidebar

custom banner ad setup

Post Views: 102 Just 5 steps to getting your customized Banner ad in your Sidebar Adding your own customized Banner ad to your sites’ sidebar. We’ll not get into any chit chat and straightaway jump to the tutorial. Following are the… Continue Reading

Drawing foreshortening? You need to see this Awesome Tutorial

foreshortening tutorial coil technique

Post Views: 172 Your easiest answer to ” how to draw foreshortening? “ All you manga and action comics fan out there. Remember how everytime you saw a foreshortening shot in your favorite series, you wanted to draw one. Well I did, because it gives… Continue Reading

Best 2D animation movies you need to see before you die!!

7 2D animation movies before you die

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Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou – A Short by Ringling College

ringling college short film

Post Views: 280 Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou by Ringling College of Art & Design You might have already heard of the Ringling College of Art and Design. The college caught the world’s attention with the amazing and cute educational short(sort… Continue Reading